Cause I knew you were mine

  I saw you last about seven years ago
but still remember those tears rolling down your cheeks
  I turned back for a thousand times to meet your eyes
but knew behind me were just ranges of cliffs

  Your eyes like shining emeralds lying on the shore of sea 
sunlight made them gleam as fire
  the day passed and night arose
memorise sweet thoughts-you fulfilled my desire

  The moon rising behind the hills
spreading its Kingdom of pale blue light
   Who in the world knew except the God
    the moon arose just for us tonight
Standing between the lillies hand-in-hand
      we both admired the breathtaking sight
   the night passed and day arose
      and greeted us with blinding bright

 I still love that camelia you gave me that day
it’s fragrance remains the same as ago
 every midnight it wakes up and asks
Where is your dear lovable Romeo??

Tears start getting into my eyes,but still I remain quite
Cause I know I don’t have any answer to give
  how will I make that little nature realise
the world didn’t want us together to live

  You belonged to the family of royals
and I belonged to those of maids
  you were known as the jewel of the crown
and I-just the dust of lane

So not only you but the whole world knew
  that you and I was an I impossible phase
but there was one who believed in true love
    who was none other than me always

So seven years later you come back again
   the tables had turned and so has the time
You kissed me light and hugged me tight
   And said ‘I love you’ for the first time in life

So let the world say whatever it wants
  cause man is the maker of its own destiny 
The only reason – Cause I knew you were mine
  I never prayed to God to return you back to me


Some heartbreaking betrays, a couple of fake friends and a bunch of forceful smiles…… May be that’s what life is made up of.

LIFE ?? It puts you into some of the most terrific beautiful seasons one could ever imagine. Where Moon rises in the west and Sun sets in the east. Where blossoms bloom up dry and petals die with a proud of beauty. Where day become nights and night become days. Where beauty lies in “death” and death lies in”truth”.

The stars make me wonder every time I see them. You behold the future. You look at a little shiny dot which is probably a million light years away from you. Yet you can see.

Mankind had been gifted with an unknown power to see future. But not to see about what can happen tomorrow…. or the day after that…..or the person standing beside maybe waiting for someone like you ??

Answer me my friends

What is life without love ? Love without separation ? Separation without tears ? And tears without a desire to see your beloved just once again. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🎶🎶🎶🎶

The Journey of thousand miles begins with a Single STEP!!!

Hello guys. I am way too excited to start with this amazing platform. Firstly, I would like to thank all of my friends who helped me with this and inspired me through the journey of my life up to now (and I believe that they will be with me forever 💗💗💗)

I always had a great passion for writing stories and poems. Fortunately, my poems always find and end but my stories…… Do not!!!

I have written many stories which always had a start but never had an end. I don’t know why I am always so confused about plots ???

However, after many days (probably 2 years later) on 4th March I accidentally found one of the stories I tried to write when I was in class 9.

So friends, I would like to start my journey with a complete incomplete story of mine. Hope u like it.